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With LB Insurance, paperwork, reporting, and deadlines aren’t on your plate, they’re on ours.

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Why has LB Insurance been so successful? Service.

We have a mission to help producers deal with the many forces beyond their control. In good years and in bad, we’ll be here to protect your bottom line. If you currently have stress about your crop insurance, we’d love to show you how we can get rid of it.

Here are some of the ways we eliminate deadlines, paperwork, and headaches for you.

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Acreage Reporting

We request updated FSA maps prior to planting, then prepare them for acres when the farmer completes planting. Often, we can access acres directly from the producer’s monitors/precision software, which automatically fills in the maps prior to meeting. Upon your review, we’ll submit maps to local FSA offices and request they contact you when paperwork is ready to sign.

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Production Reporting

Using a release form, we will obtain records for sold production from all elevators from which you sold grain. We will request bin measurements on your behalf for all stored production. Then using your load log or harvest maps, we can finalize allocation of production.

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Precision Reporting

In recent years, the Risk Management Agency (RMA) has recognized precision technology records as acceptable for reporting acres and production.  We work with you  to set up precision hardware prior to heading to the fields. This ensures that the data will be acceptable and can save you a significant amount of time.  

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Within the rules laid out by RMA, we provide a stress-free link between you and the adjusting staff. We strive to be the point of contact that will pass along necessary documents from you to the adjusters, and will also track the timeliness to ensure you get paid quickly.

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Farm Program Analysis

Every 5 years the USDA releases a new Farm Program. When it does, we take it upon ourselves to learn the ins and outs. Why? So we can guide you to make the absolute smartest decisions when enrolling. All your acreage and production are kept indefinitely, so we can assist with the updating of USDA farm yields and approval for new CRP contracts. The management of these records can save you a bunch of time when you need to find archived records.

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Serving the producers of South Dakota, North Dakota and Minnesota

We work with a large variety of producers, which allows us to analyze climates and markets throughout three states. We have become extremely familiar with each state’s particular laws and systems.

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